Shawn Connolly Solo Exhibition 11/3/22

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We are extremely excited to host the owner and creator of SF Skate Club, a dear friend, and inspiration
Shawn Connolly' Solo Exhibtion Art show at Low Key Skate Shop from 7-10pm Thursday, Novemer 3rd, 2022.
A am a skateboarder. This means I'm highly familiar with pain, rejection, and
patience. It means that I pay attention to the details in my environment. And
being that I started in the late 80's and I continue to this day means I'm
incredibly stubborn.
An artist. This might seem like the most recent label | have accrued but it's
actually the first label learned. Growing up my family didn't have much money. | would often create some of the things that I didn't have by drawing them or even constructing them with toilet paper rolls and cardboard.
During the summer break I was arrested for skateboarding and the cops confiscated my skateboard for the remainder of summer vacation. As
an outlet, I took all the cardboard | could get my hands on along with the
thickest markers I could find and I proceeded to draw pigs driving cop cars and
in some cases on fire etc.
Living with a movement disorder. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in
2015. This means I value and prioritize every second of movement I am
afforded each day. This causes my body to fluctuate between extreme rigidity
to a whole lotta' unwanted movement - This causes my work to fluctuate
from detailed to outlandish.
A widower. Less th gn a year ago 1 lost my wife, inspiration, and partner in work
and life. We struggled through a year and a half battling cancer as well as
months in "comfort care" in the hospital. While it's still very difficult to look
back at that time, I khow I would do it again 10 times over if required. This
entire show is dedicated to Thuy.
The purpose of the show is to share some of the things that provide me with
the strength and resilience to continue moving forward. Life cat swing pretty
hard, and for me, I only have a vague recollection of a time when it wasn't
thoroughly kicking my ass. And while I could allow these things to harden me,
I've decided to go the other way and create a new way for me to share these
ideas with you -
my way.