Donation Page List

We are donating 50% of our sales

from this month’s art show to

Black based Organizations:


 African American Art & Culture Complex

Our mission, as a community based non-profit 501c3 arts and cultural organization, is to nurture and facilitate the empowerment of our community through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education, and programming.


Black Earth Farms

The Black Earth Farms Collective is an agroecological ‘lighthouse’ organization composed of skilled Pan-African and Pan-Indigenous farmers, spiritual leaders, builders, healers, and educators who spread ancestral knowledge and train community members to build collectivized, autonomous, and chemical free food systems in urban and peri-urban environments throughout the Greater East San Francisco Bay Area, which is occupied Ohlone land.


Black Future Labs

Black Imagination Incubator is made up of two projects: one that gathers information about the ways that policy affects Black communities and one that uses that information creatively to educate and challenge policymakers.


LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Each day, tens of thousands of LGBTQ people are held in jail or immigration detention because they cannot afford bail—for immigration status or charges like sleeping in public.


KPOO is an independent, non-commercial radio station serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Since KPOO does not receive advertising money like commercial stations, its operation depends solely on grants and donations to remain on the air.